A LifeTeam is a bond of dedicated followers of Jesus. Similar to a fellowship group, you meet each week to work together as a team in a very practical way to reach your surroundings with the gospel in word and deed.

LifeTeams usually have 3-15 team members. They often arise after a DHT Training, when Christians jointly put into practice what they have learned or form themselves anew from an existing fellowship group within a local church.


As in Acts LifeTeams meet mainly in the houses of believers.

Maybe there is a LifeTeam in your area:

There also is a UK-wide LifeTeam, which meets over Skype. If you are interested, please contact us using the form below.


The aim and task of the JGLM LifeTeams is to produce spiritual mature Christians in the shortest time possible. By carrying out the Great Commission together, Christians are supported to grow to the full stature of Christ.


There is a difference between a group and a team. A group is a number of people who join together in one place while a team is a unit of people who work together to achieve a goal.

The “training” of the team members takes place through biblical teaching, study, roll games and practical assignments. The team members develop a lifestyle in which the fulfillment of the Great Commission is part of their daily business.


LifeTeam leaders receive the free of charge manual for LifeTeam leaders , which provides background information and tips for the organisation of a LifeTeam.

Two workbooks are available for teamwork:

The Truth of Laying on of Hands
Killing Sacred Cows

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