Training Courses

All training Courses are non-contributory, but you are required to register.  Each of these courses can also be held in your church or group (free of charge).

Training: 3 Days

Divine Healing Technician Training (DHT*)

The DHT Training is for Christians who:
want to learn how to successfully pray for healing on biblical grounds
need healing
know others who are sick
who want to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God
want to equip the saints

Questions like:
What does the Bible say about healing?
Is healing always God’s will?
What are the prerequisites for healing?
How does this look in practice?
Can other people be helped by my prayer, and if so, how is that?

We  will be thoroughly answered by the Bible, as well as by examples in a very life-oriented and life-like manner. The course ends with a public healing event, in which the learned can be put into practice.

*”DHT” is an abbreviation for “Divine Healing Technician”.

Training: 3 Days

The New Man Training

​The purpose of the “New Man” Training is to show what Jesus’ death and resurrection really mean to us. We will understand who we are in Christ as a new creation and not what we will be in Christ at some time. We have been newly born by God when we converted and can now actively show the “New Man” in everyday life. When we are born from above, there are things that happen automatically and things that we can activate and thus bring into existence in the reality of our lives.

Training: 3 Days

Mind renewal - Renew your mind

“Your mind is renewed to the degree that your daily actions are dictated by the word of God!” – Curry Blake

When dealing with the mind, the Body of Christ has often fallen into one of two ditches. One ditch is to make everything about Christianity into an intellectual or academic endeavor, the other ditch is to over spiritualize everything.

The church has almost completely ignored the plain scriptural commands to dealing with our mind. The Scriptures are abundantly clear…

The ONLY way to life transformation is through the RENEWING of our MIND!  Yet, a vast majority of Christians are led to believe that their lives can be changed by prayer, by fasting, by receiving a “blessing” from a “man of God.”

In this TRAINING seminar, Curry Blake will reveal not only the command to renew your mind but also TRAIN you how to renew your mind in every area of your life.  In this TRAINING seminar the following will be covered: 

  • The reality of “The Mind of Christ”
  • The Mind of Man: Before the Fall, After the Fall, and After Redemption
  • How the Brain Works and it’s Connection to “The Mind”
  • How Mediocrity and Genius are Simply One Thought Away
  • How to Use Your Mind the Way God Intended You To
  • How to Train Your Mind to Think God’s Thoughts
  • Why Most People Don’t Experience God’s Blessings…
  • And How to Change
Training: 1 Day

Kingdom Finances

All that Jesus taught and did was linked to the kingdom of God. We want to learn from Jesus how we can experience, live and build the Kingdom of God in our everyday life.

Kingdom Finance will detail how to operate in Kingdom principles concerning finances. The principles will work anywhere!

Understanding the principles will allow you to step into God’s provision if you have the spiritual “grit” to put them into practice. The principles will work for anyone that is born of God.

Training: 1.5 Days

Diversities of Tongues

John G. Lake once said, “Praying in tongues was the foundation of my ministry.”

It’s more than just a single gift, but the fullness of the spirit. Through speaking in other tongues we can attain spiritual breakthroughs. Isaiah prophesied of them, Jesus included them in the Great Commission, all believers who were baptized in the Holy Spirit spoke in other tongues, and Paul wrote two chapters on speaking in other tongues, and spoke more in other tongues than all the Corinthians.
Listen to the Training free of charge here (link).
The seminar provides answers to many questions, e.g.

Can I speak in tongues?
Why tongues at all?
Why are tongues a sign?
Why are tongues so crucial?

Training: 1 1/2 Days

Training: 3 Days

Spiritual Warriors Apostolic Training (SWAT)

The primary focus of the DHT seminar is to train believers to biblically and effectively minister healing. The purpose of the New Man seminar is to reveal to believers what was accomplished by Jesus for us through His death, burial, and resurrection. The New Man reveals what you now are (in Christ) not what you will some day become. It also reveals how to begin who you are rather than emphasizing waiting for the next “Christian Fad”.