About Us

Chris and Margie Maguire first heard the Divine Healing Technician Training by Curry Blake in February 2010.  Upon hearing the message their lives were transformed by the simplicity and truth of the message.  They immediately worked towards becoming Certified Divine Healing Technicians (CDHT’s) and started their own LifeTeam (House Church).  In August 2010 they went to Uganda and put the message into action over there, they saw many many healings including Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears opening up.  Shortly after returning from Uganda Bro Curry asked Chris and Margie to be the John G. Lake Ministries UK Representatives and since that time they have travelled and taught the Divine Healing Technician Training Seminar as well as other JGLM Seminars around the UK and Ireland.  Chris has also travelled to some countries in Europe to teach.

Chris designed and produced the Prophetic Training Manual for the ministry and seminars have been conducted in many countries and the material has since been translated in Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Japanese and Polish.

Chris and Margie have Overseen the planting of 35 LifeTeams and 4 Dominion Life Churches in their area of responsibility.  They Pastor the church in Oxford themselves.  They have also planted a Dominion Bible Institute School in Oxford and are raising up the next generation of God’s Generals.

In 2023 they were made Global Ambassadors for the ministry.

Chris and Margie are ordained through the International Apostolic Council, an organisation first started in 1914 by Dr. John G. Lake in London, UK.